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For middle grade readers...


Inside the pages of this book await stories of some of your favorite holidays. Only these aren’t your average “spending time with the annoying cousins” stories. No, my friends, these stories are a bit…different. You will find ghosts, mythical creatures, and a video game that, once you start playing, you better win if you have any hopes of seeing your family again. You see, my friends, these stories have bite. I would suggest leaving the lights on for this one.


"These authors drag unsuspecting readers down unexpected paths, and the result is so horrifically fun!” - Matt Betts, Author of White Anvil


"This anthology reminds us how important personal connections can be and how they can become a big part of our youths. Each story offers up the right elements to keep you engaged and on the edge of your seats, waiting to see what happens next. By the time you finish Holiday Horrors, you will find yourself wanting more.” – JM Van Horn, Secretary of The Great Lakes Horror Writers Association


“Quick and creepy. Each story quickly draws you in and makes for a fast read. The stories are just creepy enough that you may want to keep the lights on!” – Emily Todd, Teacher, 3rd Grade


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$10.00Sale Price
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