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When a tragic accident topples an ancient oak onto the wall in front of his house, all Aaron Moody wants is for the city to repair the damage. Instead, he uncovers an underground world of spells, secrets, and, released from within that very oak, a demon who last walked the Earth in human form following the Civil War. Together with Evanora, a queer witch who’s attempting to visit some payback upon the demon, and a neighborhood cat that may or may not be offering Moody advice, they must battle an entity intent on dragging Moody, Evanora, and a thousand other souls straight to hell.


“An original tale indeed. Loved the cat! Well worth a read.” – Jeff Menapace, best-selling author of the Bad Games series


“A thrilling tale of an ancient evil fighting for a foothold in the modern world. Dittman tells a vivid story, a perfect mix of horror, hubris, determination, and wit.” – Cailyn Lloyd, author of The Mill and The Elders Series.


“Michael Dittman paints a haunting picture of horror against the backdrop of the rust belt’s suburban decay in this taut, paranormal thriller. The author skillfully weaves the region’s history into this riveting tale of ancient evil resurrected, bolstering the fabric of each scene without overwhelming the reader. Dittman displays a steady hand at his craft, spinning a crisp narrative that jumps from past to present seamlessly. Imaginative prose, vivid characters, and a menacing ambiance, make this supernatural saga one that will remain glued to your fingers.” – Stephen Paul Sayers, International best-selling author of The Taker of Morrows and The Immortal Force


"If you like even just one or two themes in this book, do yourself a favor: snag it! I'm already having an insanely good time. Fleshed out characters, a first few pages that are fantastic at drawing you in and setting the scene--this one is probably going to be a new top favorite." - Amazon Reviewer


"Author Michael Dittman has a perfect grasp of detail: Concrete imagery that frames a scene or heightens a mood or provides character insight without veering into the florid or unnecessary." - Amazon Reviewer


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