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(Another) Author Announcement

Another post in The Breach brings us yet another author announcement. Things are hopping here at Manta Press, our team is growing, and we’re excited you’ve chosen to take this journey with us.

Michael Dittman is a professor of English and Creative Writing who lives and writes near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, surrounded by the palimpsest of the Appalachian Rust Belt. He is the author of Jack Kerouac; A Biography, Masterpieces of the Beat Generation, and Small Brutal Incidents. Who Holds the Devil, the story of a demon who walks the Earth in human form, is Michael’s second novel and fourth book overall. Look for more on this masterpiece of horror in the weeks to come with a release in both ebook and paperback in June.

We at Manta Press are thrilled to be given the opportunity to present Who Holds the Devil to the world. Thanks, Michael, for choosing us to work with you on your fantastic novel. We’re thrilled that you’ve joined our team!

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1 Comment

Michael Dittman
Michael Dittman
Apr 08, 2022

Thank you! I couldn't be happier to be part of the Manta family.

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