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Congratulations on a Thrilling Debut

We at Manta Press want to congratulate London-based author, Joseph J. Dowling, on the release of his debut novel, a dystopian thriller titled, Mandate: Thirteen. Described as "dystopian in every way that matters,” by Preye of Literary Darlings, Dowling's book is already racking up the Goodreads reviews.

Here's the premise...

"In a world with dwindling birth rates, all young women must submit to compulsory fertility checks at the age of thirteen. For those able to conceive, a docile existence inside the Birthing Schools beckons—far worse if they fall into the wrong hands.

So when the clandestine Baby Farmers, and their brutal leader Miko, arrive to snatch his daughter, Michael must make a split-second choice: risk his own freedom to protect hers… or lose her forever."

Mandate: Thirteen is a gritty dystopian thriller for fans of Children of Men, A Handmaid’s Tale, and The Running Man.

With the audiobook coming soon, Mandate: Thirteen is currently available in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold online, including!

Congratulations, Joseph on a remarkable debut!

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