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* The frightening sequel to Bone White


When innocence is shattered, it leaves a scar.

A year ago, Luke put an end to a sadistic killer’s reign of terror, but it wasn't without consequence. With the help of his parents and a team of doctors, Luke has spent the last twelve months dealing with his heart-wrenching losses and the heinous crimes he uncovered. He's finally getting on with his life.

But not all players involved are ready to walk away from the game, and Luke could never imagine the lengths his opponent will go to win.


"McWhorter reaches deep inside us to find our darkest fears then brings them to life on the page. He makes the things that go bump in the night afraid." - Tony Acree, author of The Hand of God and The Devil's Mark

"McWhorter is a very capable writer with an engaging style." - Ed Gosney, author of Prometheus Stumbles and Practice


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