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In the near future, Tilly, a former army pilot mourning the loss of her father, has been recruited by a British conglomerate to fly a rescue team into war-torn China in search of their missing conservationist and his team. Joined by an eclectic collection of misfits, Tilly and her makeshift crew must brace themselves for a long slog up the forested and danger-filled Yellow River. Can anything prepare them for the genetically-altered horrors and unscrupulous folks that await them along the way? Blending military sci-fi, light fantasy, and a touch of horror, Gone Where the Goblins Go offers a wonderfully strange blend of Apocalypse Now and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


“A mature and nuanced tale of hubris and destruction. This is Matt Betts at his finest.” – Mercedes M. Yardley, Bram Stoker award-winning author


"A perfectly gritty dystopia. Starring a true-to-life female veteran protagonist, this novel seamlessly intertwines the human condition with inhuman parallels." - Dacia M. Arnold, author of the Diazem Series

“Betts has created a heroine after my own heart in Tilly, a grieving combat helicopter pilot in this gritty, non-conforming horror military mashup. Monsters and badassery combine for a thought-provoking and compelling creature feature. Highly recommend!”  - Gaby Triana, author of Moon Child and editor of the Literally Dead ghost anthologies 


"Exciting and provocative, Gone Where the Goblins Go adventures into the wilds of a war-torn world. On display—the inhumanity of humanity and the haunting question… who exactly are the real beasts?" - K.P. Kulski, author of Fairest Flesh


“Deftly merges and challenges many sci-fi subgenres, yet the undeniably fresh plot unfolds smoothly. Recommended for fans of biopunk and military sci-fi though honestly, any devourer of adventure books would love this." – Book Nerdection


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