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Things sixteen-year-old Katie is good at: baking, knitting, bantering with her best friend. Something she’s not so good at: stepping outside her comfort zone. Ever since her mother died in a fiery car crash, Katie has preferred to play it safe. That changes when she and her friends discover powerful stones that send them to a mysterious alternate dimension, and she finds herself a vessel for the fire powers of a boisterous, ramen-loving demigod named Nyth.


Katie’s never let go of her survivor’s guilt, and putting fire in her hands brings it roaring back to the surface. But if she doesn’t channel Nyth’s fire to seal the rifts opening between dimensions, reality itself will crumble. As their mission grows more dangerous, she’s forced to reconcile her past if she wants to have a future. If she can let go of the guilt and embrace her inner fire, saving both worlds will pale in comparison to the final battle with her biggest obstacle: herself.


A YA contemporary hidden-world fantasy featuring the emotional heart of a courage-based YA novel and the compelling mystery of a hidden reality, Instructions for Burning the World draws upon themes of guilt, grief, friendship, self-forgiveness, and the true meaning of fear to create a world altogether new.


*Ships the week of 7/11/24
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