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It’s 1948 and Eliza Kendall’s father has just dropped her off at Prescott House, a home for unwed mothers. Pregnant and alone, Eliza finds comfort in her three roommates, whose friendship gives her hope despite abuse from a bitter headmistress. Caught between adolescence and womanhood, the friends seek refuge in what lies beyond the veil of sleep and dreams, to the hidden passages in the house itself, rumored to be part of the Underground Railroad. While exploring, the girls discover a plot to hide the bodies of other pregnant women. To survive, they must lean on each other and the wisdom of those who have come before them—the butterfly sisters.


But is their bond more powerful than the threats they face?


“Combining myth, magic, and motherhood, and underpinned with historical detail and dual timelines, The Butterfly Circle is a complex and compelling coming-of-age narrative exploring themes of oppression, courage, freedom, and friendship. In a layered and unflinching debut, Leoson delivers a bold start to this highly topical YA series.” —Lee Murray, four-time Bram Stoker Awards®-winning author of Grotesque: Monster Stories


“Poignant, emotional, and creepy. Leoson has crafted a tale woven of friendships and fears that will make your heart pound as well as tug at it.” — Megan E. Hart, author of A Dark, Cold Touch


"Dark and melodic, Leoson’s harrowing descent into what lies hidden inside -and beneath- a home for unwed mothers is richly imagined and wholly original.” -Dana McSwain, author of Roseneath


"In her debut novel, The Butterfly Circle, Leoson's many gifts as a storyteller are on display in full force: her empathy, her sense of awareness, and her knack for creating unnerving tension, are stunning." -Christopher Barzak, Stonewall Honor winning author of Wonders of the Invisible World.


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