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In Starling City, there are spirits on every street corner. Everyone in town has at least one ghastly tale to tell. It’s no wonder a place like this breeds people like Blue and Julie. Summoning demons for fun and obsessing over a local legend of a vampire named Matter, they hang out in dark clubs on a desolate downtown street, hoping that Matter will one day find them.


Because if they can become vampires, all their problems will disappear. Just like the movies, they’ll never get old, and they’ll never die. They won’t have to worry about things like work or making rent, because the mundane world will no longer apply to them.


One night, their wish comes true: It turns out Matter is real. Except Blue and Julie soon learn that being a vampire is nothing like you see in the movies. Abandoned by the one who turned them, they are left on their own to figure out how to live as the undead – and what to do with all those dead bodies piling up.


"Worth’s delicious book, with its cyphered grammar and bruised lip phrases, feels like prose as incantation. The world she describes – urban life reflected in powdery, blood-flecked mirrors – is there to distract the reader while she carves out blasphemous arcana on the inside of your skull. This book will make you crave drugs and sleep and blood." - Tony Burgess, author of Pontypool Changes Everything and The N-Body Problem


"Haunting, creepy...a beautifully crafted entry into modern gothic literature. A fascinating tale of vampires, witches, and tempting the gods. Worth's writing takes you on a journey of discovery you might not wish to know..."- Sèphera Girón, Witch Upon a Star series


“A stunning work; I couldn’t put it down. Worth’s writing is detailed and vivid, down to the most minute detail, whether mundane or supernatural. Reading it felt a lucid dream...or a creepy paranormal experience that left me unsure if it actually happened. Worth has crafted an extraordinarily visual book that’s practically begging to be made into a film.” - Pleasant Gehman, author of Rock’n’Roll Witch; A Memoir Of Sex Magick, Drugs And Rock’n’Roll


"Interesting twist on vampires. I really enjoyed this book, great characters and story." - Amazon Reviewer


"Well written, main characters interesting. Different take on a vampire story. Be careful what you wish for." - Amazon Reviewer


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